Home of Andy Attar

Our Mission

We focus on developing. preparing, and creating field trial dogs and their trainer/handlers to get the very most from their dogs abilities all the while sustaining a healthy. positive environment o care and quality of life for the dogs.

We will train all ages of field trial dogs, focusing on what we feel is our strongest ability, our sweet spot … developing sound handling dogs who can think their way through today’s very challenging al1-age work. Our overriding objective in our training is to teach the dogs to learn and make decisions themse1ves.

Our sweetspot is the training of all-age dogs. Our training curriculum is tailored individually to each dog. Over 30 years of experience has taught us that every dog does not develop at the same rate and to insure proper and long term development each dog is challenged at its own rate.

From day one of Andy’s career, all the dogs he has taken on have been treated as his very own. It’s his promise to every dog owner. Strong, thinking, confident dogs do not happen by accident. Together we can enjoy the journey of building your dog together.